The lunetterie brand  is a Tunisian-based company NEW OLD STOCK DISTRIBUTION, located in TUNISIA and was founded in December 2016. The firm is registered in Tunisia and possesses a valid patent -Registration (PAT CODE 1692132/R).

Our CEO Mariem Loukil optician optometrist 

HER passion for old glasses and love of individuality fuelled the idea of making a career out of hER hobby.

At night, when the rest of the world soundly sleeps, SHE  grabs her  flashlights and hits warehouses and  old distribution firms.  The mission? To find the highest quality vintage and antique eyewear that the world has ever seen.

They are inspected for quality, professionally cleaned and polished to give them that final touch. All of our vintage eyeglass frames are ready for your prescription or sunglass lenses and are fit for daily wear